Bunny Butt Easter Cookies

These adorable cookies are easy to make as a fun and tasty Easter treat! Cute little bunny butts are made with iced sugar cookies, plus a sweet mini marshmallow tail.

Step #1: Make my Easy Sugar Cookies. The complete steps are in the full recipe info - click the link below!

Cut the dough into several small and medium circles to make the bunnies and little feet.

Pro Tip: Bake the body cookies and feet cookies separately so the little cookies don't over bake.

Now decorate with royal icing! Cover the large circle cookies and stick on the bunny feet. Fill in the feet, dry, and then add toes.

Pro Tip: Be sure to let each layer of royal icing completely dry before adding the next layer and color.

Lastly, use a bit of royal icing to stick on a mini marshmallow tail.

So Cute!

Click the link below for full recipe info with tips and storage suggestions!

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