I love working with brands that are in line with the If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen brand and will resonate with my readers. Here are a few sponsorship opportunities…

haley blonde in white shirt frosting vanilla cupcake

Recipe Development and Sponsorship Opportunities

Since 2013, I have created, tested and photographed numerous recipes and deliver only the best of the best to my readers and brands I work with. I’m happy to collaborate with companies and brands that are in tune with the If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen mission. My goal is to inform readers of brands that I respect and personally enjoy. Examples of my work are available upon request.

Social media campaigns

Looking to grow your social media presence? Let me help you! My readers are eager to learn about new baking brands and products. Campaigns on the If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen social media platforms will grow your client base of loyal customers.

Videography and Photography

Recipe videos and photos make your recipes come to life! They also increase engagement and follower count on various platforms. If you are looking for new images and videos to add to your website, I’d be happy to help. Learn more here.

For inquiries and media kit requests, fill out the form below.

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