Let me first welcome all my followers, the dedicated visitors, or rather relatives, and those who are lucky enough to stumble upon this page.  As some of you know, my original blog was a tumblr page, but I’ve decided to relocate to a website that isn’t teaming with gifs 24/7 (don’t get me wrong, I love Jennifer Lawrence gifs as much as the next girl).

What started a little over a year ago has formed into, well, not much more than what it was a little over a year ago.  Every now and then I had some pretty awesome recipes with some decent pictures, but let’s be honest, starting a cooking blog before my senior year of college was not the best idea.  This last year I was without a kitchen at school and used that culinary frustration by throwing myself 100% into my studies and 110% into partying.  By some miracle that last year resulted in my best grades and my best memories.  But alas, those days have passed.

I am now an unemployed recent graduate who is very familiar with daytime television, particularly the Food Network, and keeps her mind sharp by watching Jeopardy! every night with her parents. Sure picking up the occasional babysitting gig and becoming a gym rat keeps me busy for a few hours, but the unemployment life has become a little bit too comfortable and, to be honest, boring.  So I have resurrected my baking blog to keep me busy.  I promise regular updates of my adventures in the kitchen accompanied by delicious recipes and fabulous photos (that camera I received for graduation better make up for my lack of photography skills).   Please stay tuned, you will not be disappointed.



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