Here is a quick and easy list of Christmas cookie recipes for the holiday season! Classic recipes and more unique recipes are right here in this roundup.

This peanut butter blossoms recipe calls for Hershey's kisses and smooth peanut butter. This holiday classic cookie is a must make! |

Peanut butter blossoms are a classic holiday cookie. Make this chewy peanut butter cookie and top it with a chocolate Hershey’s kiss!

frosted eggnog cookie with bite

Frosted eggnog cookies are made with eggnog in the dough and the frosting. Use rum extract and nutmeg to make the most of the eggnog flavor!

butter spritz cookies decorated with green sugar sprinkles and red nonpareils on white plate

Butter spritz cookies are fun to make with a cookie press! Use different discs and sprinkles to add a festive touch.

Surprise kiss cookies use a walnut cookie dough to wrap a chocolate kiss inside. Coat it in confectioners’ sugar for the snowball effect.

gingerbread crinkle cookies coated in powdered sugar on parchment paper

Gingerbread crinkle cookies are an original recipe I concocted at the birth of my blog. They’re chewy and packed with gingerbread flavor!

Linzer cookies with heart cut-out and jam. Plate with hands serving plate of cookies

Linzer cookies are almond shortbread cookies with raspberry jam sandwiched in the center. This recipe is a classic in Austria and Germany.

hand holding hot cocoa cookie with marshmallow and mug of hot chocolate

Hot cocoa cookies are chocolate cookies topped with a melted marshmallow and dusted with cocoa.

double chocolate peppermint cookie with bite and candy cane bits

Double chocolate peppermint cookies combine your love for chocolate with candy canes.

M&M christmas cookies on white round plate next to more cookies and white kitchen cloth

Christmas M&M cookies use a chocolate chip cookie dough, but instead of chocolate chips are red and green M&M candies!

cinnamon roll cookies with icing on cooling rack

Cinnamon roll cookies mimic the breakfast pastry in a buttery cookie swirled with cinnamon and topped with icing.

Everyone will be reaching for a turtle cookie this Christmas! Each bite tastes like the candy, but with a chewy chocolate cookies! |

Thumbprint turtle cookies are chocolate cookies, rolled in pecans and filled with caramel. It’s a true blend of flavor and texture!

three twist candy canes on a white round plate on a wire cooling rack with more cookies

Twist candy cane cookies are peppermint flavored shortbread cookies. Dye half the dough red and twist together to form a candy cane shaped cookie!

red velvet crinkle cookies on surface and on white rectangle plate

Red velvet crinkle cookies are chewy cookies with cracks to reveal the red velvet goodness!

snowflake sugar cookies royal icing

Snowflake sugar cookies are easy cut out sugar cookies topped with royal icing. Make these for Christmas or a snow day!

pile of pfeffernusse cookies coated in confectioners' sugar. One cookie with bite

Pfeffernusse cookies are traditional German Christmas cookies made with anise and pepper for a uniquely flavored cookie.

gingerbread man cookie balancing on glass on milk with more cookies around glass

Gingerbread man (and woman) cookies are a must at Christmas time! Use royal icing to decorate the cookies.

cranberry pistachio cookies with icing and chopped pistachios on top

Pistachio cranberry cookies naturally integrate the red and green colors into these chewy cookies drizzled with icing.

christmas macarons on baking sheet with christmas lights on tree

Christmas macarons are flavored with either peppermint or eggnog. Pick your favorite or make both!

peanut butter crinkle cookies on white plate with plaid fabric

Peanut butter crinkle cookies are crisp, melt-in-your-mouth cookies topped with confectioners’ sugar.

ginger molasses cookies piled on plate with white kitchen cloth and milk bottle behind plate

Chewy ginger molasses cookies are easy to make and a crowd pleaser. Use all the Christmas spices in this dough!

Reindeer cookies are peanut butter cookies decorated with chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate chips and a red M&M.

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