Master the must-know baking recipes in 52 weeks. Learn how to make the classic baked goods by following recipe videos and detailed instructions each week.

blonde baker where pink shirt and jeans stirring bowl of cookie dough

Here’s my 2020 goal with you in mind! This year you’re going to master the must-know baking recipes. I’ll provide recipes, demonstrations, videos and more! I’ll also answer your “why’s” and “how’s” for said recipes. You get to refine your skills, build your knowledge and perfect the baked desserts everyone knows and loves

What to expect

  • A new recipe every Monday for the entire year of 2020. This recipe will be a “classic” baked good. One that you should master!

What you will learn

  • How to make these classic baked goods. Every recipe will include a thorough step-by-step demonstration on how to master the dessert/pastry. 
  • The science behind the recipe. Learn what ingredients you need and why.
  • Tricks of the trade. Pick up on methods to improve your baking skills.
  • High altitude adjustments. All recipes are be tested at sea level and high altitude so wherever you are you can bake your favorite treats!

How to be involved

  • Follow @ifyougiveablondeakitchen on Instagram. The latest recipe will be posted here every Monday!
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  • Show off your creations! Tag @ifyougiveablondeakitchen when you master the recipe and I’ll share on social.

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